How to Arrange Your Small Living Room Layout to Maximize Space (tips)

Arranging a small living room layout can be a challenging task, especially when you want to maximize space without compromising on style and functionality. 

In a limited area, every square foot counts, and strategic planning becomes crucial. But don't worry, because in this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips and ideas on how to arrange your small living room layout to make the most of the available space.

Whether you live in a cozy apartment or a compact house, Are you seeking the perfect furniture piece to elevate your small living space? Look no further than the apartment sofa, a versatile and space-efficient solution for small living sapce.

So, let's dive in and explore the world of living space-maximizing techniques for small living room layouts!

Tips for Arrange Your Small Living Room Layout to Maximize Space  

The Living Room With a Sectional

The Layout: This layout is perfect for a very quaint living room that requires walking through the center of the space to get to an adjacent room. It features a small sectional against the wall directly across from a TV with an area for a single side chair diagonal from the chaise and a small coffee table.

The Sofa: A sectional can rule in a really tiny place, despite what would seem paradoxical, according to Gorsline. You can lounge on [a sofa with a chaise] without taking up much space. Just be mindful of the sofa length you choose and ensure the sectional has additional room on either side.

The Extras: If you're concerned about taking up too much space visually with a sectional, Gorsline says to consider curves or circular furniture. "They can still function while visually and physically taking up less space," Apartment-size sofas are available in various designs, including curved or circular options, allowing you to add a stylish touch to your living room while maximizing space efficiency.

The Open Concept Living Room

The Layout: Arranging furniture in a small open-concept living room can be challenging. Here, two side chairs rest on opposing sides of the sofa to create an imaginary wall behind the chair. This helps to delineate the space from the dining area or kitchen behind it but still feels open and airy.

The Sofa: In this classic layout, the sofa is king and acts as the room's focal point. It is placed directly across from a fireplace or a TV stand.

The Extras: "The key to getting this layout right is to scale and ensure your furnishings have a little room to breathe on all sides," says Gorsline. While leaving little space around furniture can work in some small spaces, in this one, you should opt for some empty space around each piece.

The Library-Focused Living Room

The Layout: Not all living rooms revolve around a fireplace or a TV stand. If you want your bookcase to be the focal point of the living space, place the couch perpendicular to the built-in or standalone bookcase. Then, place two lounge chairs directly across, pointing at the sofa.

The Sofa: Because the sofa is off to the side in this layout, you may want to experiment with larger pieces. "Large pieces in softer colors blended with a mix of white and acrylic accent pieces will help to make the space feel larger than it actually is," explains Fenimore.

The Extras: Because your bookcase is the centerpiece of the room, 

consider wallpapering the back of your shelves to add a pop of pattern. "This will also help when styling since the wallpaper will help to visually fill the shelves and prevent them from appearing over-styled," says Fenimore.

The Living Room With a Fireplace

The Layout: In this classic living room layout, the fireplace truly is the focal point. In this formal layout, you are not required to point the furniture towards a TV, giving the fireplace more prominence. The couch juts up against the fireplace facing directly across from two chairs.

The Sofa: Pick a sofa that is just large enough to fill the space without overpowering it. Be mindful of the area on either side, especially if you have to pass through to other nearby rooms.

The Extras: Remember, you want to do your best not to distract from the fireplace focal point. Fenimore suggests an acrylic coffee table because it is "the perfect piece for a cramped living space like this one because it doesn’t visually block your view of the fireplace."

The Odd Layout Living Room

The Layout: "Sometimes you’re not only working with spatial restraints, but a strange layout to boot. I find this is most common in historic homes," explains Murray. To fix this, focus on pieces of furniture that are the appropriate scale for the room you may need to settle for an 80" couch instead of a 112" or ditch that second accent chair.

The Sofa: If you don't have a place that makes sense for a full-sized couch, consider a deep loveseat instead. If you don't entertain much, you can find a loveseat with just as much charm that won't overpower the small space.

The Extras:
 Don't be afraid to place a chair before a window, as long as you leave enough space around all sides to let light filter in. Floating furniture works in small, awkward areas too, but opt for pieces with modern, streamlined edges that can stand on their own.

The Very-Small Living Room

The Layout: In very small living rooms (we're talking could-be-a-den size), Murray says, "I try not to do too much." Keep it simple and ditch the side chairs. Focus on a comfortable sofa that fits the space and add a comfortable oversized ottoman for extra seating when guests come over.

The Sofa: Here, you should splurge on the couch. Because this will be your only real piece of furniture in this teeny space, make sure to pick a sofa that has a lot of personality to act as a focal point for the room.

The Extras: "To bring a nice layer to the room, I go with an area rug that's almost same to the dimensions of the parameter," says Murray. Layering in texture and color can help a quaint room feel larger than it is.


Arranging your small living room layout to maximize space and style is all about thoughtful planning and creativity. By assessing your space, creating a functional floor plan, and selecting space-saving furniture, you can optimize the available area and enhance the overall functionality of the room.

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